A Proficient learner can understand and produce English language with the fluency of a non-native speaker. The student is able to comprehend and demonstrate more complex forms of structure and meaning, and can discuss ideas in both concrete and abstract terms.

PROFICIENCYHigh ProficiencyMid ProficiencyLow Proficiency
This level prepares you to confidently communicate with native English speakers using complex sentences and idiomatic speech. You will be prepared to work or study in English with fluency, accuracy and correct pronunciation.This level prepares you to communicate easily and accurately using advanced grammatical structures. You will be able to understand conversations and lectures and will be able to read academic texts with confidence. This level will increase your confidence with texts that introduce complex topics. You will develop critical thinking skills and be able to present information and support your ideas on topics that are less familiar to you. You will further develop inference skills and will be able to recognize fact in texts.
TWS LEVEL14-1512-1311
TOEFL PBT590-670513-587477-510
TOEFL iBT96-12065-78; 77-9553-64
IELTS7.5-9.05.5-6.0; 6.5-7.04.5-5.0