An Intermediate learner can understand and produce basic English language in all skill areas. The student will possess the grammar and vocabulary necessary to describe past experiences, to give opinions and to explain reasons for holding such opinions. An Intermediate student will be able to speak with some degree of fluency and spontaneity with a native speaker.

INTERMEDIATEHigh IntermediateMid IntermediateLow Intermediate
This level prepares you to participate in conversation with native English speakers with confidence. You will be able to use a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. You will develop the ability to understand details, vocabulary, main ideas and gist from reading and listening texts. This level will increase your ability to communicate with native English speakers. You will share experiences and opinions, rank information, report observations and findings, make suggestions and come to agreements. You will begin to develop skills on note-taking and identifying key ideas in text. This level teaches you techniques that will enable you to expand on familiar topics by sharing experiences and opinions. You will begin to develop the ability to comprehend details, vocabulary and main ideas in basic reading and listening texts.
TWS LEVEL9-107-85-6
TOEFL PBT437-473397-433310-393
TOEFL iBT41-5230-409-29
CambridgePETKET; PET-