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The Mission of Transworld's ESL program is to provide quality instruction in English language to non-native speakers of English to enable them to increase their ability to comprehend and communicate in English language and to use it in their lives and education.


Meet Our English Language Instructors

Our Transworld team of qualified and experienced English language teachers and support staff are committed to providing you with the best possible language learning experience. All of our instructors have an MA or Certification in TESOL, English language teaching experience and knowledge of a second language or overseas teaching experience. We look forward to meeting you and making you feel at home among friends!

Ceri Rich-Odeh, Director 
Emily Maloney, Program Director, TESOL & ESL Instructor
Lindsay Sullivan, Director of Curriculum
Mai Dajani, Academic Director, TESOL & ESL Instructor
Julie Blair, TESOL & ESL Instructor 
Dannielle Smith, TESOL & ESL Instructor
Michael Hussey, TESOL & ESL Instructor
Ellen Arnaud, TESOL & ESL Instructor
Dana Bahr, ESL Instructor
Christophe Parker, ESL Instructor
Sam Carpenter, ESL Instructor
Jamie Joe Lancaster, ESL Instructor
Emily Rudge, ESL Instructor
Molly Ruhr, ESL Instructor
Yasmin Garcia, ESL Instructor

My English class is very dynamic, exactly what I was looking for with the right combination of conversation, grammar review and vocabulary.

~ Karin, Argentina